Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nightie for little N

Little N picked out the fabric for her nightgowns. This is the first nightie of two. I actually made this one in a size six, but shortened the gown considerably. When it does finally fit, it will land near her knees.

She actually sat next to me at my sewing machine while I worked. She wanted to wear it to bed this evening and insisted that I finish it as soon as possible. Little N appears to be quite the slave driver.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pirate Day!

It is pirate day at Big N's kindergarten and he put a lot of thought into his outfit. He was a little disappointed that I couldn't sew him a striped shirt this morning. The boy has high regard for my limited skill-set with a sewing machine. He was ok with a plain white t-shirt, but only after reading his teacher's letter twice on the detailed description of what a pirate wears. He did insist that pirates would roll up their pants. He mentioned that all pirates had pet birds and we discussed why the poop deck might be called the poop deck.

His kindergarten teacher will have a BUSY morning.