Monday, November 26, 2012

scrappy Fabric box

After digging through the scrap bin last weekend, I opted to make something fast for myself. My cats like to clear my sewing table and hopefully this little fabric box will contain the spools of thread I am working with. I have high hopes of not finding the spool completely unwound all over the house. I try to tuck things away when I stop working on a project, but the cats have the uncanny ability to find whatever it is I am trying to hide from them. This then becomes a kitty toy. I used the tutorial described on another blog and I was happy with the results. Definitely a great short attention span project for when you want to complete something fast.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby pants for Baby D

I was invited to a short notice baby shower and this baby needs a homemade gift. I raided my scrap bin and came across some larger pieces left over from a puppy dog themed baby quilt. I found an online tutorial and made two quick pairs of pants. However, the pants looked lonely by themselves. I added more fabric scraps to the front of store bought onsies and had two instant outfits.

Of course, the baby needed a gift bag, too. I made that up as I sewed and I'm happy with the results. I used a little homemade bias binding on the side to facilitate an easier opening and a ribbon as the closure. I tacked the ribbon within the pocket to keep it from being pulled out.
I actually think the bag will be handy for carrying a spare outfit in the diaper bag and I may have to make a few for myself.