Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sewing during my vacation

My new year's resolution is to use up some of the fabric and yarn I already own and make some things. It is New Year's eve, and I've already made a small dent.

Here we have brand new flannel jammies pants for Big N. He loves them, and not just because they match the sheets I made him a few years ago.

Instead of using a pattern, I based these off of a pair of pants he loves. I made them narrower, as he is narrower. They are a perfect fit! I left a little growing room in the elastic and the hem can be lowered.

Little N now has a fleece nightgown. I used a pattern for this one. I originally picked up this fleece before she was born intending to make her a baby blanket. I'm very happy with the outcome, even though I stored the fleece for over 4 years. The nightgown is very large on her. She wore it over her clothes until dinner time last night, when she got "too warm!"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Girl!

Little N on her first birthday

Little N just turned 4 this month. This birthday, she was slightly less into her cake, but not by much. She had a birthday with friends from her day care room. We had cake as a family the following weekend.

Neva was pretty excited about her birthday party. She really wanted to wear her dress up clothes, but decided she wouldn't want cake all over them.

She had fun decorating cupcakes with her friends.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big N's recipe

Big N's kindergarten class put together a recipe book full of their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. I was very proud of Big N for selecting Apple Pie as his favorite.

He really liked being able to pick the apples for his pie. An acquaintance cut this out of the local paper for us.