Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad times

Lay-offs stink. I may have been at my desk, but Tuesday felt like the reception after a funeral.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The long, lost sweater!

I have another finished project! This one can be considered my longest project, yet. When my daughter was still learning to crawl, I attempted to knit my very first sweater. At the time, I was unsure how to seam up the sides and I set it aside planning on asking for help at one of the monthly knit nights at the Yarn shop near our old house. The sweater was supposed to be 18 month sized, but it appears I was a little off on my guage.

I pulled out the pieces of sweater to finally seam it up. I have long since assumed it is too small for my daughter. The plan was to finally finish it and give it to my friend with a 3 month old baby girl.

The sweater appears to be closer to a 3T than a 18 month sized. This observation was made by little N who has claimed the pink sweater as her own. Sorry, Dina.

Stomping those pink boots

Monday, February 16, 2009

So many Questions!

Big N is full of questions and lately they are all the deep philosophical type. So many of the harder ones seem to come out of left field and hit you like a baseball in the chest. He seems to be pondering the deeper things in life.

The first question occurred in the car on a drive home from Seattle, just past the summit near Keechelus Lake. I think he had been pondering the giant pine trees and the mountain pass for over an hour.
"Is God a giant?"
"What? Why?"
"He is everywhere. He must have eaten all his vegetables to grow big and tall and that is why he is a giant. He's bigger than all the trees and the lake, he has to be a giant."
There was no explaining out of that one, and believe me, I tried.

Another discussion occurred on our way to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. Little N was napping and I try to take Big N out for some one on one time when I can. He seems to appreciate our time together and he is so well behaved when he isn't jostling for attention.
"Is God sad when we die?"
This one I took a second to answer. He has been struggling for explanations to why he cannot meet the people he does not remember meeting that he sees in older photographs. We tell him they are part of his family and he wants to meet everyone in his family. He understands that they are gone but I think he is still struggling with what that means to him. He's really much more observant than I've ever given him credit for.
"He is sad for our family and friends who will miss us, but he is not sad that we will be with him."
I think this explanation was ok with the little guy.

He's a sharp kid and I wonder where his deep philosophical thoughts will take him as he grows older.

Photo taken west of Snoqualmie pass
white balance set to incandescent to force a blue tint.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Both kids helped me make a cake for today. I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's day!

Big N sent a valentine to a few of his favorite people. His former neighbor, B, will receive this in a few days. He insisted on writing the note on the bottom. He misses her, a lot, lately. He told me he loves her and wants to see her. He also insisted that she has a better toy collection and a bar that you can swing on from her play structure.

Young love.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Horrible dreams

Little N woke up with a horrible cry last night. She was very upset and it took a lot of consoling to calm her down. We assumed she had the worst dream ever and were very surprised to find out that was not the case.

She was dreaming about ice cream, chocolate milk, ponies and baby dolls.

I want to have her horrible dreams.

I think she was upset that she woke up and was not surrounded by ice cream, chocolate milk, ponies and baby dolls.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Teddy's Sweater

I finished Big N's sweater just around his 4th birthday and here we are coming up on his 5th. Last February, he immediately asked for a sweater for his teddy bear to match his as he was trying it on. Being the speedy knitter I am, I finally finished one for teddy almost 11 months later.

Big N has told me many times that Teddy is cold and needs a sweater.

Teddy's sweater was a surprise. I worked on it at night after the kids went to bed. When I did finally finish it, Bunny agreed to step in as the model. She grumbled a little bit because she had been forgotten from the herd of animals little N carried off to bed the evening the sweater was finally finished. Bunny was a little upset at being forgotten, but its easy to see how little N could forget one when it takes two trips to load up her bed. Bunny did forgive her the next morning.

Big N was very happy when he woke up the following morning. He insisted on wearing his green sweater because Teddy wanted to look just like him.