Monday, September 28, 2009

Dad and Big N go fishing

They have gone two evenings in a row and Nate is hooked. He likes to play while Pete watches the bobbers, but seems pretty thrilled to get a bite. This evening he caught two!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good dog, bad puppy

I happened to make a comment to a friend of mine that the puppies have not been as destructive on our home now that they are not puppies. We've actually taken to letting them have the run of the house when we aren't there, which is a huge change from last fall.

Most days I find them basking in the sun, leaving my house alone.

However, they puppies haven't completely given up their puppy hood. The only comparison that comes to mind is in the form of biking wisdom. As any cyclist knows, the fateful words from one of your riding buddies that will guarantee a bad ride is, "I've never had a flat tire." Every time someone has said that before a bike ride, the entire group ends up on a shoulder somewhere patching a tube and the humbled rider has a lesson on changing their first flat tire. I have done the doggie equivalent. I made the fateful mistake of bragging about the puppies improvement and even mentioned how well they were doing with the dog bed. I told my friend that the dogs had stopped chewing as much.

About 20 minutes after that conversation, I came downstairs where it had snowed in my living room. There was doggie bed stuffing everywhere.

Lucy was very pleased with herself. This was actually taken after I had cleaned up the bulk of the stuffing. I had no idea how much stuffing that dog bed held!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kittitas County Fair!

A photo montage from the fair over labor day weekend.

Little N didn't bother to wait for daddy or Big N before jetting down the big slide.

Big N LOVED the bumper cars

Both kids LOVED the airplanes.

The hit, the toddler obstacle course ending with a giant slide

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hairy house guests

The kids have been guinea pig sitting for almost a month now. Well, really they get to give the guinea pigs carrots or celery and I get to clean out the cage. Big N surprised me on how well has has done with the animals. He can be very careful with them. Its been nice to see how well he can treat the guinea pigs.

Petting the pigs has almost become a morning ritual. Once both kids figured out that when they get dressed early, they get to hold the guinea pigs before school, it has been easy easier to get them to get dressed in the morning.

The pigs will go back to their home soon. I know both kids will miss the cuddle time they have had with the two fuzzy house guests. I'm pretty sure Big N will ask for the next red-eyed guinea pig that shows up at the pet shop.

Little N does better petting the guinea pig off of her lap.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big N and Kindergarten

Big N is has started kindergarten. Today was actually his second day of school and his first day on the school bus. He was so excited to take the bus. I'm curious if he actually remained seated on the ride considering his legs were more like little springs as he bubbled over with excitment.

After the bus pulled away, I waited a few minutes before driving towards the elementary school to watch him get off the bus. Upon arrival I inadvertently managed to park right next to the bus drop-off. I had only been aiming for a view of his room door. I apparently did not pay attention to the school bus drop-off when we drove him for his first day.

The bus took approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the school. It was easy to spot Big N as he got off the bus. He spun in circles on the side walk and bounced towards the school. I overheard one of the older kids walking behind him, "He SURE is excited to be here!"

Big N didn't notice me in the parking lot, which made it easier on me. He walked right up to his kindergarten door like he owned the place and went inside. However, the bus driver did see me. She leaned out the window with a laugh to tell me big N did very well.

Where did the time go?

Big N at 13 weeks old

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Muddy Dog

Lucy LOVES puddles.

You can't tell from this photo, but her legs are usually white.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


There is one, solo fact that seems to be omitted from any working-from-home description, you will be in isolation-ville. In my case, here in Ellensburg, it is Isolation-burg.

I am spending my life in silence (since my stereo speakers finally kicked the bucket). It is a deafening silence, without the office clatter of your co-workers or the occasional eruption from my boss in the next cube.

Its hard to connect. Its hard to make isolation-burg a home when all your connections are 2 hours west, over a mountain pass.

There needs to be some balance of personal life vs. work life. But, my personal life is becoming too personal for me.

Our Dahlias

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting up with Davis' mom and dad

Our good friends came home for a visit. They brought baby Davis out to stay with grandma and our happily embracing their new title of Davis' mom and Davis' dad.

We were glad to meet up with them over breakfast at John's childhood home. Big N enjoyed playing with John's childhood cars and plains. Little N was quite happy rocking on the giant Llama. They did not hesitate to make themselves at home.

Kristen was even nice enough to try on my latest knitting project on Davis. I'll have to knit him something else, perhaps with a closure, since he won't be wearing it for long!

Hope to see you soon, Kristen, John and Davis!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That 70's bride

My sister recently came out for a short visit. While she was home, mom pulled out her wedding gown for Jenny to try on. Little N had a blast helping Aunt Jenny with the train as a nightgown-clad bridesmaid.

Little N has decided she is ready to get married.

The blushing bride

Zucchini month

August has a little known distinction. It is the annual give-your-neighbor-giant-zucchini month. This holiday is very well know to anyone with a neighbor, co-worker, friend or somewhat casual acquaintance with a garden full Zucchini.

Giant Zucchini are somewhat intimidating, but we are making a huge effort to use those two ginormous yellow zucchinis our neighbor so kindly bestowed upon us.

We have had the following (all from a single zuchini)
1. Zucchini bread - 2 full size loaves, 2 mini loaves, 12 muffins, 18 mini-muffins. (hubby says add chocolate chips next time)
2. Zucchini fritters -- Major hit with Big N
3. Zucchini Pie -- Very apple pie like.

One Zucchini down, one to go.