Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big N borrowed my camera

I was downloading photos I had taken during the day while away from home and thought I would share a few that had somehow appeared on this particular memory card. It appears Big N borrowed my camera. I've let him take a few photos on occasion, typically with me in the room, the camera strap securely on his wrist and tons of instructions on how to keep his thumb off the lens and to be careful with the camera. He took roughly 100 images, and many of the shots I was not aware of.

I like his choice of photos. You could tell what was important to him in his life and then what he found interesting. It is a small peak into his view of the world. There was a complete series of bear. Close-ups, staged shots, bear sitting up, bear lying down, bear on the bed. He had some shots of his sister, tons of dad shots, a few of me, a series of the TV and of the computer. But, the significant amount of teddy bear photos were sweet. This is the bear that N will go to sleep with. When bear disappears for a few day, no one is happy.

Big N has put up with a lot of my photo shoots of him. It did make me realize how much he pays attention when I noticed how he arranged bear for his photo shoot.

Miss you, Big N. I'll be home in a few days!

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Stacie said...

that is so cute

I love seeing what my kids use the camera for too. Bubba has taken a lot of pictures of the dog's butt....then he laughs hysterically.