Friday, January 16, 2009

Organized child

I worked from home today, as usual, and the house was very quiet while the kids were out with Nanny E. I seem to have picked up a weird little habit when I make my lunch in the silence of the house, I'll try to race the microwave and empty the dishwasher before my lunch is heated.

I didn't finish today. I was putting a bowl in the cupboard and turned to see this on our fridge. This of course made me laugh.

My son had lined up all the letters by color order into columns of 4. The poor child. He has inherited my anal-retentiveness. My father was telling me how I would want my pancakes cut as a child. He was more accommodating of my weird sense of order than I knew.

It is funny how your own habits appear in your kids. There have been a few instances where the kids will say or do something and I know exactly where they picked it up. They are little windows into yourself at times, your good and bad traits. Even the silly and weird ones.

This isn't the first refrigerator sculpture I have come across. The last one was a pyrimid with less color order and more emphasis on shape. My daughter will rearrange it into its usual mass of letters all over the door at some point, as she has in the past.

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Stacie said...

Adison use to do this too, very orderly...sadly, as apparent in her room, she has ditch the order for a more preteen look.