Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sewing during my vacation

My new year's resolution is to use up some of the fabric and yarn I already own and make some things. It is New Year's eve, and I've already made a small dent.

Here we have brand new flannel jammies pants for Big N. He loves them, and not just because they match the sheets I made him a few years ago.

Instead of using a pattern, I based these off of a pair of pants he loves. I made them narrower, as he is narrower. They are a perfect fit! I left a little growing room in the elastic and the hem can be lowered.

Little N now has a fleece nightgown. I used a pattern for this one. I originally picked up this fleece before she was born intending to make her a baby blanket. I'm very happy with the outcome, even though I stored the fleece for over 4 years. The nightgown is very large on her. She wore it over her clothes until dinner time last night, when she got "too warm!"

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