Sunday, July 4, 2010

Apple Pie Princess

Little N made her first pie!

She rolled out the crust using the scraps from the larger pie we made for the fourth of July dinner. She managed to roll out the crust, and place it into the mini-heart-shaped cake pan. She filled the crust with apples and then rolled the top crust, all by herself. She managed to place the crust neatly on top of the mini-pie. She needed a little help sealing the two together and crimping the edges with a fork, but she got the hang of that very fast.

I will say she handled the hard part of rolling the crust and putting the pie together very well!


Sarah!!! said...

I like that you are training her early - she will soon be in charge of all the Thanksgiving desserts!

Speattle said...


Mica said...

look at that lil cutie! fun stuff what a fun momma!