Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silence is deafening

I try to put on a smile and explain how great my working situation is, but in reality the silence SUCKS! I think it was tolerable when the kids were here with the nanny a few years back. It was a bubble of happy noise that wafted into the office during the day. Now, there is nothing. If I'm lucky I can hear the creaks and groans of the house on a windy day.

It doesn't help that the group reorganization at the office has split up our team into new groups. The latest move puts me on the silent first floor and the majority of my old group on the third floor. There is now no difference from being here or there, its just a resounding silence.

I'm sure the solitude is mostly to blame, but I find myself seeking out my co-workers in my office just to say hi. I need the human contact, even if it is my manager who would rather talk to anyone than me about the kids.

I'm not a fan of the silence. It makes me question the value of what I'm doing. I used to really enjoy what I do, but I've lost that and I'm blaming that on the silence.

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