Saturday, July 9, 2011


I had planed a long detailed blog post of our vacation, but we sadly came home to find one of our cats was no longer here. We're not sure how or when she got outside, but she has now been missing for three weeks.

The house sitter never remembers seeing more than two cats in our home. I remember checking that all three cats were safely sleeping on the bed before we left. At some point between my check and the Tuesday after we left, she was let out of the house.

I'll miss my buddy. She would sit on my lap while I worked. She also would chatter at the birds from a window. Miss Daisy had the loudest purr I have ever heard from a cat, it was more like an old engine rattling at a stop light then a light purr from a cat. We miss you Daisy.

Attacking my hands from below

As a kitten, she would even play with the dogs

Getting into trouble with her sister

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