Saturday, April 14, 2012

A finished Quilt!

My first quilt!

The quilt began as a pack of puppy dog quilt squares I picked up off of a clearance rack with the intent to practice quilt squares I had learned in an introductory quilting class. I liked the way the practice squares came out so much that I wanted to put them into a quilt. I picked up some complementary fabric once I heard that a friend of ours had a baby boy. I then opted to applique the baby's name on the center square. The final product looks more like a scrap quilt with a puppy theme for baby Kyle.

This quilt was fun to make and I hope baby Kyle enjoys the puppy dogs.


Sarah!!! said...

That looks awesome! Nice work :)

Speattle said...

That is amazing. You did a terrific job and Kyle is going to treasure that for a long time.