Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Worms in dirt on cupcakes

Little N is coming to the end of her year at kindergarten. When I picked her up today, she was taking her time leaving the classroom. This is a regular occurring event for Little N. She starts to chat with her friends, slowly puts on her coat, wanders the room in circles. She takes her time at school, she takes her time at home, I've tried rushing the girl, and sometimes it's just not worth the fight. We tend to pick our battles and give her plenty of time when we can.

Today, when she was done wandering the classroom, she chatted with her teacher on the way out the door. Since everyone else had already left, she had the teacher's full attention (perhaps she had a plan for her wandering). Little N suggested to her teacher that she would like to bring snacks for tomorrow. The teacher looks at me, raises an eyebrow as a question mark and I said, "why not." I, of course, underestimated Little N's grand plans.

As we were driving away from the school, Little N started to describe grandiose, flower covered cupcakes. It turns out that watching the food network can backfire on you. I had to break it to Little N that Mommy cannot make a frosting flower and I wasn't sure where we could find edible flowers as a substitute.

I suggested gummy worms on chocolate cupcakes, to which Little N suggested that we needed to make "dirt" for the worm to crawl out of. My super creative Little N thought of the chocolate graham crackers we have in the cupboard and the worms in the dirt cupcake was born.

This evening we made cupcakes. Little N did all the measuring and ran the mixer. Once we frosted the cupcakes, she put a worm on each cupcake and then dipped the top into the ground up graham crackers. She wanted the worms to look "dirty" and she was very successful. Big N helped, too. He was the official worm tester.

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