Friday, January 4, 2013

Home sick from school and feeling better activity

Little N has had a tough week. She caught the flu bug going around town just in time for the second day back to school from winter break. She was getting up for school on Thursday morning when the flu bug hit her hard and fast. She still had a fever on Friday morning, so we thought better of sending her to school and kept her home one more day. Little N started to act more like herself Friday afternoon and I needed to find an inside activity to curb her cabin fever. Taking my inspiration from a Valentine Heart barrette I'd seen online, we tried to make a version that was little girl friendly and used supplies we had on hand. She was very focused and serious as she cut out the hearts and then the felt.
Instead of sewing the heart to the barrette as described in the blog post, I had her stitch two different sized hearts together and ignored the barrette for a bit. She sewed the two different sized hearts together using a large craft needle. We used crochet cotton instead of embroidery thread. This was fine with little N because, really, it was all about the color of the thread more than anything else.
Once Little N was happy with the stitching, we simply used a hot glue gun to attach her hearts to the barrettes. After that, it was time to test them out.

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