Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shiny Green Sweater -- in progress

This is the sweater I am making for big N. He asked me to make him a shiny green sweater. I originally picked out a gorgeous washable wool in what I thought was a shiny green. Big N told me that it was not the right color. He picked out an inexpensive green/grey yarn and insisted that it was shiny. I have a lot to learn about colors, don't I!

I have really come a long way on his sweater. It is coming out a lot larger than I wanted to. I goofed just a little! I glanced at the raglan length and knit to the size 6 instead of the size 4. I did not realize I had gone so much larger it was until he tried it on and it looked like a poncho on him. That was when I decided it was a good time to split off the sleeves. I went ahead and made the rest of the sweater body the size 6 length so it won't become a belly shirt when it does finally fit him in the shoulders. He insists this is shiny green. I have the sleeves left to do and the band around his neck. It's really coming out nice. I may have to make one for my daughter.

The pattern I am using is from here

Big N did have one comment for me, "Mommy, could you fix my sweater so it's not too big." Poor child, I'm not pulling it out. He will eventually grow into it.


Cookie's Mommy said...

looks great Mel!

Wendy said...

Looks good. I hope you dont have to make him another one that actually fits now too.

Stacie said...

honestly, it doesn't look THAT big on him...tell him layering is in. ;)

great job Mel