Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Girl isn't feeling well

My little girl's expression about sums up how she feels. She tolerated my taking her photo on Sunday, but has not been a happy camper for the last few days.

She's so sweet. Every time she gets "sick" she tells me that she needs a bath. It is her sad little voice punctuated with a deep breath and a sob at the end and her big horse tears. I don't blame her. She gets to play in the tub afterwards and we put on clean jammies. Then we cuddle up together under her daddy's big wool blanket. Who wouldn't want a bath when they are feeling awful.

Luckily, Big N isn't showing any signs of getting sick.


Jovi said...

oh my gosh, that bath request is TOO CUTE! i'd give her like 4 baths a day, lol!

Tamara said...

Poor little N! She's sad but what a beautiful sad - love that picture of her out by the rocks (((hugs)))