Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's a bowl! It's a hat!

I have been trying to use up my left over yarn before I buy more. I came across a pattern for a felted bowl and thought I would use the brown leftover from my daughter's vest. It came out really nice and just as I was binding it off and weaving in the ends, trying to figure out how to felt it, my daughter notices what was in my lap. "A hat! A hat for me!"

"No, it's a bowl for Mommy."

"A hat! A hat!" She then proceeded to put it on her head to show me. This was immediately followed by a dance with spins and jumps around the room, to emphasize that it was, indeed, a hat.

Ok, she wins. It's a hat. I can't take her wagging her finger at me anymore.


Stacie said...

awe, whatever it is, it looks cute on her!

Tamara said...

lol! It actually looks quite nice on her ;)

Stacie said...

check my blog, you have an award.