Monday, June 30, 2008

Little guy socks -- in progress

Big N loves it when I knit for him. Who doesn't like having someone put a lot of love and time into something just for you! He giggled when I showed him the yarn before I started. He did ask that I find something that has more shiny green in it for any future projects.

I am using a pattern out of Knit Socks, by Betsy McCarthy. I really like this book. She has a lot of tips on some of the trickier parts and the patterns are laid out in an easy to follow and an easy to put down manner. I can put the project down and find exactly where I am in the pattern.

The socks are coming out nicely. They appear to have a nice stretch to them and I like the pattern. The yarn is VERY pron to splitting as you knit. I'm not sure if the pattern shows up very well in the variegated yarn. It does look a lot better in person than in the photo. Hopefully I am motivated enough to finish the second sock before Big N outgrows them.

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