Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go back to bed!

Little N has always stretched out her bed time. She will get up many times after we have tucked her in and see if she can talk us into letting her stay up. This evening, was no exception.

Over the baby monitor I heard whispering and rustling, usually an indication that we will see a small child in a minute or so. The rustling stops and is followed by the creak of the door. This time, I heard something new. Big N says to Little N, "Mommy is just going to tell you to go back to bed. Go back to Bed!"

Little N ignored him and came out attempting her usual stall tactic. She was one of the following: thirsty, hungry, not thirsty, not hungry, tired, not tired, scared, chased by dinosaurs, looking for a hug (this one usually works for her, I am a push over at times), wanting to tell me "something." The list goes on.

I repeated what Big N had said, "Go back to bed," and she sulked and stomped back to the bed room.

Over the monitor, I heard Big N tell her, "I TOLD you! Now, go back to bed!"

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Stacie said...

lol...that is funny!