Monday, February 2, 2009

Teddy's Sweater

I finished Big N's sweater just around his 4th birthday and here we are coming up on his 5th. Last February, he immediately asked for a sweater for his teddy bear to match his as he was trying it on. Being the speedy knitter I am, I finally finished one for teddy almost 11 months later.

Big N has told me many times that Teddy is cold and needs a sweater.

Teddy's sweater was a surprise. I worked on it at night after the kids went to bed. When I did finally finish it, Bunny agreed to step in as the model. She grumbled a little bit because she had been forgotten from the herd of animals little N carried off to bed the evening the sweater was finally finished. Bunny was a little upset at being forgotten, but its easy to see how little N could forget one when it takes two trips to load up her bed. Bunny did forgive her the next morning.

Big N was very happy when he woke up the following morning. He insisted on wearing his green sweater because Teddy wanted to look just like him.

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