Friday, February 20, 2009

The long, lost sweater!

I have another finished project! This one can be considered my longest project, yet. When my daughter was still learning to crawl, I attempted to knit my very first sweater. At the time, I was unsure how to seam up the sides and I set it aside planning on asking for help at one of the monthly knit nights at the Yarn shop near our old house. The sweater was supposed to be 18 month sized, but it appears I was a little off on my guage.

I pulled out the pieces of sweater to finally seam it up. I have long since assumed it is too small for my daughter. The plan was to finally finish it and give it to my friend with a 3 month old baby girl.

The sweater appears to be closer to a 3T than a 18 month sized. This observation was made by little N who has claimed the pink sweater as her own. Sorry, Dina.

Stomping those pink boots

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Stacie said...

stunningly beautiful!!!