Saturday, March 28, 2009

A good day for the dogs

I've always felt that the kids had a great day when they come home dirty or muddy, but the dogs bring it to an all new level.

Pete took the dogs out today and they came back exhausted. I did require a bath for each puppy before they were allowed into the house.

Max, the mud king.


Tamara said...

omg that is hilarious! did DH walk them to the park, or were they in his car like that?

I feel tricked - I haven't seen an update since Feb and I come on here and you've been BUSY - what's the deal?

Melany said...

Pete took them up to the Fish and Wildlife land, gigantic off leash area. :) Then he drove them in the car... which smells wonderful.

I hit save on Big N's photo montage a while ago and never got back to post it. I realized it when I posted Nate's interview and then the dogs came home and I had the camera out.

Stacie said...

ohmygoodness...they look so big now too.