Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apple Blossoms

Our trees are blooming... They are beautiful and a reminder how fast the winter has flown by. The days are getting warmer and longer. We are once again able to enjoy the lingering sunshine on the back porch after dinner.

About two weeks ago, on one such evening, the kids were playing on the slide and I noticed the blossoms. The light had a pink cast to it, warming up everything in view. I immediately ran inside to find my close-up set and my favorite lens (85 mm). I think taking photos was in the back of my mind after talking with Mica when I recently ran into her.

This summer, I promise to not let the months fly by so fast. I need to take more photos. I need to do that for myself as much as for the kids. I am horribly out of practice, making mistakes that I notice on the screen and would have noticed through the lens in the past.

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Mica said...


Your pictures are beautiful!! :) I hope you have been enjoying the sun and taking more pictures. :)