Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010

Good morning and Happy New year!

Big N decided that we should have a family New Year's party. His idea of a party involved making a cake. I agreed, a cake on New Year's is only a good idea.

Big N helped me make 2 little cakes while Little N was napping. I have four mini cake pans in the shape of a heart which seem more appropriate for an Easy bake oven than a normal oven. The pans are about the size of two cupcakes. We used these pans and a modified cupcake recipe to make our "cakes". The cakes were frosted with a Chocolate cream cheese frosting that was delicious. I seriously suggest trying this frosting.

Big N has decided that our family tradition should involve cake on New Year's eve. Who am I to argue with a very good suggestion for a very good family tradition.

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