Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recycling and Sewing

I had a bright idea as I looked at one of Pete's shirts destined for the rag bag. The front was stained beyond what I would allow him to wear in public, but I thought that the shirt had a better future if I could re-purpose it.

I cut off the sleeves and modified an existing pattern for a little boy's shirt to work around the stains and pen marks.

The last photo is Big N in the finished product prior to adding buttons and button holes. All that is left is to cut the threads from the button holes and wash and press the shirt. I've added the buttons, but have not had a chance to take a photo of Big N in it. For some reasons, clothes really do not excite him as much as his sister.

Big N has mentioned that he finds zippers much easier to work than buttons, but I'm not ready to send him out to join the bowling league, yet. I have promised that he can pick out the shirt from the rag bag so I can make one with a zipper for him on my next project for him. There are plenty.

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