Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing Projects

I have been sewing up a storm lately. I broke my New Year's resolution and purchased some fleece for a jacket for the kids. Big N saw the clifford fabric while we were picking up thread for something else and begged me to make him something. It did not hurt that it was on sale, so I bent my rule a little bit and made him a coat.

I managed to cut out the alternating Clifford dogs such that ALL of the dogs in the front are upside down. The right side up ones lined up perfectly with every seam. Luckily, Big N is happy that he can look down and see Clifford. However, this was a learning experience for me on cutting out patterns.

I also made something for Little N and her doll. I used up some more of my scrap fabric to make a sundress for Little N and a matching dress for her doll. This one was fun to make. I had originally bought the fabric to line a hand knit purse. I used the yarn for something else and had the fabric lying around. This was a perfect use and a very happy recipient. I winged the doll dress, but I'm very happy with the overall results.