Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kindergarteners get the short end of the stick

My little girl is starting kindergarten, however, once again the school district is giving the kindergartners the short end of the stick. The kids will not even start school until September 14th. I wonder what this actually does to help the students, other than watch their siblings go to school and spend more time in day care.

I wonder if this means that like my son's first year of school, my daughter will not meet the state mandated minimum number of days in school.

Let's also point out that the school district ignores the fact that many families have both parents working. I'll assume that was something they concerned themselves with when they decided not to offer bus service in the middle of the day for the kindergartners.

Thanks a lot Ellensburg school district. Way to go on dropping the ball when it comes to your youngest students, once again.

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