Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kohlra-what? Kohlrabi!

We recently signed up for a 1/2 share of a CSA produce delivery. At our pick-up, the nice lady in the booth at the Farmer's market slowly went over everything in the box, pulling each item out with the love and care she had put into growing it. I took the box home, placed the contents in the refrigerator and immediately forgot what she told me. We were on the way to Big N's concert and I was in more of a hurry than I wanted to admit. Fast forward to this evening and I am now trying to figure out what one item in particular is.

Some internet searches later where I started by looking at what is in season in August and then looking up photos of the names I didn't recognize led me to find out that the odd shaped item was a Kohlrabi. Of course, once I found the name, I remembered the nice lady in the booth itemizing the box and saying Kohlrabi.

My next problem was how to prepare the it. According to simply recipes, kohlrabi is German for cabbage turnip. I immediately chopped it into small pieces and tried a piece. It reminded me of a radish, but it did have a cabbage and broccoli undertone.

I could have eaten the entire kohlrabi raw, but opted to try the pickled kohlrabi recipe from the restaurant widow blog and it was delicious. The kids didn't get to try this one, I hogged it all to myself.

Very delicious!

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