Monday, July 7, 2008

No one to talk to!

Big N had to go to bed early this evening. He was very upset when I calmly covered him up in his bed and I finally got him to tell me why it was so awful. I was expecting he was upset he was missing his good night show or his book but it wasn't that.

"If I go to bed now, I won't have anyone to talk to." He sobbed the whole sentence out holding the last syllable like an opera singer hitting a whole note as his big, fat tears poured down his cheeks.

I of course felt awful, but I managed to feel better about it when I checked on him 15 minutes later and he was sound asleep.

The kid's are sharing a room right now and I didn't realize how much they enjoyed being together. I thought it was sweet when Big N peaked out to find his sister's favorite blanket on occasion or when she helped him find teddy. It looks like it is more than that.

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