Monday, July 28, 2008

Shrieking child

My son can shriek louder than anything or anyone. I am upstairs in my office and my ears are ringing with the high pitch screams coming from my son somewhere downstairs. I can only assume that our wonderful nanny, M, has completely lost her hearing by this point, poor woman. The tone is just lower than that of a dog whistle, high enough to be extremely painful and low enough to hear. I've heard it close up, the entire mountain echoed with a similar version of this shriek when Big N got snow in his shoes. The child has quite a set of lungs.

At least he sounds like he is having a blast and not having his toe nails ripped out. Not to mention, he's not doing it in a restaurant or the library. Since I have no photos of him screaming, nor would you really want to see that, I'll share a cute one of him with his sister.

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