Monday, July 21, 2008

Train Ride

The first time big N ever saw the life size Thomas was when he was 2 years old. We drove up to snoqualmie and had not told him who he was going to see. While we were looking for parking he was in the back seat, chatting a mile a minute. We drove by Thomas and suddenly there was complete and utter silence from the back seat. About 30 seconds later, big N whispered, "Turn around! Go back! That was Thomas!"

We took the kids out to Day out with Thomas. This is Big N's third ride on Thomas and the first year he didn't cover his ears due to the train horn. Well, he had them covered the minute we pulled up and wouldn't take them off his ears for a bit. We finally got on the train and the main train blew his horn. Big N looked over and tentatively uncovered his ears. It occurred to him that it wasn't so bad. He relaxed and really enjoyed the ride. He waved at everyone along the road and then chatted with a buddy across the aisle when we came up over snoqualmie falls.

Big N was chatting the entire ride. I have hardly any photos of him not talking.

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Stacie said...

cute, he still loves his Thomas!