Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girlie morning

I have never really been a girlie-girl, whatever that means. I don't paint my nails, I forget to maintain my haircuts, I'm more into easy than anything else. But, I do actually own some nail polish and little N noticed it in my cabinet.

Pete and Big N had gone out looking for an open barber shop, which left little N and I to a girlie morning. We had a blast painting her nails. She was very thrilled with the pink color and enjoyed looking at her fingers.

I will say that the fast drying polish is preferable for an almost 3 year old.


Stacie said...

so very cute!

Andrea said...

awww so cute!
Little N is getting so big. Great pictures!

Momma Bear said...

I am a lot like you and easy is my goal :). But Keely loved painting her nails and being all "girly". Little N is so adorable!