Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby sweater and a hat for the big sister

Big N and Little N's good friend and former neighbor, B, is now a big sister. Her little sister C, was born in mid November.

Of course, this called for some knitting on my part. A new baby is a fun person to knit for. The look great in whatever you make them and the projects tend to go fast. Big N helped me pick out the yarn we used for the baby sweater, even though it took some work to point him away from the shiny green yarn. It was fun to get the kids involved in the gifts, especially considering how much the kid's care about the people we were giving the gifts to.

The hat was actually a pattern test I did for the designer. I had originally intended this as an adult gift, but big N informed me that the color was more to B's liking. The pattern was a little confusing, but once all the repeats worked out, it came out beautiful. The only problem is the pattern missed a few rows and the final hat was child size. This worked nicely with Big N's color plan, as the hat now could go to B.

Big N modeling B's big sister hat, in Cascade 220 Heathers

B's little sister, C, was due in November and her parents decided to wait until then to find out whether baby C was a girl or a boy. This made it easy to avoid the typical baby pastels, which was fine with me. We picked a nice holiday color, red for her sweater and some pretty buttons, picked by little N, that either a baby boy or a baby girl could wear.

Wee Welcome set in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

And, yes, it made my day when our friends told me that baby C wore the red sweater home. I'm easy to please.


Stacie said...

they are both gorgeous! great job mel!

Andrea said...

Great job Mel!! I love that sweater!