Sunday, February 28, 2010

The little guy's 6th birthday!

Birthdays have become a week long festival in the Richmond household. First there is the party at kindergarten. This involves cupcakes and a poster all about Big N! Big N filled out all the questions and then spent a considerable amount of time going through photos to figure out which ones should be included. Teddy bear made the cut in 2 out of the 5 photos. A few days later, there was another party at the day care kindergarten. This also involved cupcakes. Big N wore a crown which has made its way to the shelf of his prized possessions. After all of that, the weekend continued the festivities a party limited to a few friends. This was held at the gymnastics club in town and it couldn't have been a better location for helping kids to expel energy. Finally, the week of festivities culminated with a party for family. This was the official cake event, which made it even more special for Nate.

Big N told me he had a very good week. Little N wants her birthday to hurry up and get here. Or, she would be happy with 4 days of chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cake.

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