Monday, August 18, 2008

My clutter busters

With two kids and two working adults, we are fighting a never ending battle against clutter. The mail, books, toys, it all ends up on the nearest flat surface. It drives me crazy! I think the puppies agree, they are making an attempt to help attack our clutter problem.

First, they would pick up items you left on the floor and take care of them for you. Shoes, toys, my knitting, these were all painful learning experiences as the puppies chewed their opinion on where things did or did not belong. As the puppies grew taller, their world expanded with them. They moved on and worked at clearing anything and everything that was left on the seat of the couch. They are now working on my end tables. My end tables have not been this clear since we put our house on the market and had to keep them clear.

At least I finally have someone who helps fight my clutter battle.

Max, the clutter buster

The kids staged a revolt this evening. They loaded up their toy shopping cart full of toys and pushed it into the living room with the one squeaky wheel loudly complaining about the weight of the toys piled as high as the kids could see. Both kids have been cordoned off in the play area, formerly known as a dining room, as the puppies became more interested in their toys. The baby gates I had planed on giving away have once again returned to the inside of the house. The kids walked out with their heavily loaded shopping cart and Big N appeared to have been selected as the spokesperson for the revolt. Big N stood as tall as he could and says sternly to the puppies, "We should be able to play in the living room!" Little N seconds the argument, "Yeah!" with her hands in fists on her hips and her feet firmly placed shoulder width apart.

I explained once more that the puppies did not understand and would want to share their toys. The kids sadly pushed their shopping cart to their bedroom as the squeaky wheel complained down the hall. Just before they shut the door, I heard a defeated Big N call out "No, Puppies!"


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Mel. that is HILARIOUS!!!! LOVE the "Revolt" !!!! Gotta Love kids! :)


Melany said...

Thanks, Kacie.

It was hard not to laugh when they were so serious.

Stacie said...

lol...and Max has gotten big...and really cute!