Friday, August 15, 2008

A truly beautiful bike ride

As many of you know, we have recently moved 2 hours east of Seattle, to Ellensburg, WA. It is warmer, sunnier, windier and there are a lot of really nice people in the area. Not to mention, you don't sit in a parked car on the interstate unless you take a trip to Seattle. Seattle is a beautiful city to bike in, but Central Washington will give it a big run for the money!

Two weekends ago, Pete took me on a ride from Ellensburg to Thorp and back. I will admit, it has been at least a year since I've been on my bike. The last time I rode, I biked to work in 2007 from Shoreline to Lynnwood. That wasn't a regular occurrence because it was impossible to coordinate day care pick up and a bike ride home.

We started off at the KOA, right off of the interstate I-90 exit. We headed over the Yakima river and biked along a road bordering farms, a golf course and a wide irrigation canal. We followed this to Thorp, going over the interstate at the Fruit stand. We than continued to go west, coming up on the Yakima river after you pass the old Thorp Mill. There was a "slight" headwind, which convinced me I was in much worse shape than I thought, but it was something you could deal with, even after not being a bike saddle for over a year. Once you turned on the canyon road, heading back towards Ellensburg, the wind was at your back. It was a fun coast home.

I hope to do this again, perhaps I'll even set up this ride with Cascade.

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Sarah!!! said...

Hey, this sounds great. Especially the tail-wind part. I will have to bring my bike up next time.