Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Sledding

This week the pass has been dumped on with snow, but today the weather was beautiful.

This morning we tossed the sled into the car and took the kids up to the pass to see if we could find a spot to sled. We finally ended up at one of the ski resorts. The summit had closed for the season. It was a bit of a hike in, where Pete and I would sink to our knees in the two feet of fresh snow, but the kids were fine as they road up the hill in the sled. We finally got to the cat track in front of the lodge and there was a slight hill, which was more than enough hill for little N and Big N.

Both kids had a blast.

We took a few photos with the cell phone.

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Tamara said...

lmao! oh, it looks like great fun (for the kids - wink)! way to make use of late-season snow :D