Monday, April 13, 2009

Skinny Boy Vest

Here is Big N in his finished Christmas Easter Vest!

The completion of the vest hit a few snags. First, when I had originally finished it on December 23rd, the neck was too small for Big N's noggin with the neck band attached. The other problem is the size 4 was great around his mid-section, but beyond too short on his belly.

This observation resulted in removal of the neckband, and the poor vest languishing unfinished in a bag on the bottom shelf of my nightstand. The little bag, staring at me each night when I ignored it to go to sleep.

Finally, I brought the vest back out to work on it. I tore out the shoulder seams and added another cable repeat to the front and back. I re-seamed everything up, added the neckband and asked Big N try it on. It not only fit over his head, but the length was great with room to spare.

Big N promptly asked me if he could wear it to church on Sunday, this was Saturday. I said of course, and stayed up way too late Saturday night weaving in all the ends and finally adding the armbands. I will admit, the armbands match the sweater body because I had just woven in the 3 different colors at the waist and the neck. At that point, the vest had enough gray and cream as far as I was concerned at 11PM.

On Easter morning, Big N came running from his bedroom. He found me and asked me if I had finished his vest so he could wear it. The final result made him happy. This, of course, makes me happy.


Stacie's Madness said...


I love how much HE loves the things you make for him. The vest is awesome...just like you, just like him!

Janelle said...

This is so cute! He looks so happy, too!