Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner tonight

We had planned on hamburgers tonight for dinner, that is until my daughter was napping and Pete was somewhere in the land management land with the dogs AND I realized we didn't have hamburger rolls.

Big N and I decided we could make some because there was no way I wanted to wake up little N to drag her off to the store on a Sunday afternoon.

The rolls smell fantastic. I had enough dough that I made a small round loaf for tomorrow.

We did a combinations of two recipes, one from the Hillbilly housewife's site and a second from An American Housewife's site.

The two recipes are very similar. I tend to lean more towards the the first one, omitting the powdered milk. I also opt to proof the yeast in warm water prior to adding it into my mixer with the dough hook attachment.

I do get a more consistent loaf using the mixer over kneading the bread by hand, which is fine by me. Its easier to clean up the bowl than my counter. However, the kids like helping with hand kneading more. If both kids are helping, we all knead it by hand.

Pete has only good things to say about all of the bread experiments thus far.

We love carbs!

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