Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zucchini month

August has a little known distinction. It is the annual give-your-neighbor-giant-zucchini month. This holiday is very well know to anyone with a neighbor, co-worker, friend or somewhat casual acquaintance with a garden full Zucchini.

Giant Zucchini are somewhat intimidating, but we are making a huge effort to use those two ginormous yellow zucchinis our neighbor so kindly bestowed upon us.

We have had the following (all from a single zuchini)
1. Zucchini bread - 2 full size loaves, 2 mini loaves, 12 muffins, 18 mini-muffins. (hubby says add chocolate chips next time)
2. Zucchini fritters -- Major hit with Big N
3. Zucchini Pie -- Very apple pie like.

One Zucchini down, one to go.

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