Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big N and Kindergarten

Big N is has started kindergarten. Today was actually his second day of school and his first day on the school bus. He was so excited to take the bus. I'm curious if he actually remained seated on the ride considering his legs were more like little springs as he bubbled over with excitment.

After the bus pulled away, I waited a few minutes before driving towards the elementary school to watch him get off the bus. Upon arrival I inadvertently managed to park right next to the bus drop-off. I had only been aiming for a view of his room door. I apparently did not pay attention to the school bus drop-off when we drove him for his first day.

The bus took approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the school. It was easy to spot Big N as he got off the bus. He spun in circles on the side walk and bounced towards the school. I overheard one of the older kids walking behind him, "He SURE is excited to be here!"

Big N didn't notice me in the parking lot, which made it easier on me. He walked right up to his kindergarten door like he owned the place and went inside. However, the bus driver did see me. She leaned out the window with a laugh to tell me big N did very well.

Where did the time go?

Big N at 13 weeks old

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Stacie's Madness said...

i love that he was soo excited too...hope it lasts forever!