Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hairy house guests

The kids have been guinea pig sitting for almost a month now. Well, really they get to give the guinea pigs carrots or celery and I get to clean out the cage. Big N surprised me on how well has has done with the animals. He can be very careful with them. Its been nice to see how well he can treat the guinea pigs.

Petting the pigs has almost become a morning ritual. Once both kids figured out that when they get dressed early, they get to hold the guinea pigs before school, it has been easy easier to get them to get dressed in the morning.

The pigs will go back to their home soon. I know both kids will miss the cuddle time they have had with the two fuzzy house guests. I'm pretty sure Big N will ask for the next red-eyed guinea pig that shows up at the pet shop.

Little N does better petting the guinea pig off of her lap.

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