Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good dog, bad puppy

I happened to make a comment to a friend of mine that the puppies have not been as destructive on our home now that they are not puppies. We've actually taken to letting them have the run of the house when we aren't there, which is a huge change from last fall.

Most days I find them basking in the sun, leaving my house alone.

However, they puppies haven't completely given up their puppy hood. The only comparison that comes to mind is in the form of biking wisdom. As any cyclist knows, the fateful words from one of your riding buddies that will guarantee a bad ride is, "I've never had a flat tire." Every time someone has said that before a bike ride, the entire group ends up on a shoulder somewhere patching a tube and the humbled rider has a lesson on changing their first flat tire. I have done the doggie equivalent. I made the fateful mistake of bragging about the puppies improvement and even mentioned how well they were doing with the dog bed. I told my friend that the dogs had stopped chewing as much.

About 20 minutes after that conversation, I came downstairs where it had snowed in my living room. There was doggie bed stuffing everywhere.

Lucy was very pleased with herself. This was actually taken after I had cleaned up the bulk of the stuffing. I had no idea how much stuffing that dog bed held!

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Anonymous said...

LOL- I call it murphy's law. :D

Kacie & Rei