Thursday, February 11, 2010

A baby sweater for a neice or nephew

I have a recently finished project, and I will admit I was finishing this hours before I gave it as a gift. Photos were taken in the hotel shortly after weaving in the last end.

The pattern is called the Pea Pod Baby Set. I happened to come across the pattern a few years ago and decided to print it out on the off chance that I would have someone to make it for.

I loved the cables on this pattern, they look like leaves across the front, with an off center button band. I even managed to find buttons that exactly matched the yarn.

The buttons are knit in instead of sewn on. I feel this is much safer for baby clothes. The sweater would have to fall apart for the button to come off.

Hopefully I receive some pictures of cabbage sporting the sweater. *hint-hint, Auntie Jenny*