Monday, February 15, 2010

Decked out for T-ball

Big N expressed an interest in playing T-ball. Sign-ups were last week, but playing doesn't start for a while. Never the less, Pete wanted to make sure Big N was ready with a mitt. He also wanted to practice with him outside, especially now that it is so unseasonably warm.

During Pete's day off, he took the kids to get a mitt for Big N. Little N wouldn't leave the store without one for her, too. I peaked outside to watch them trying them out since I did work today.

Big N did pretty well with his toss, that is until he got side tracked and threw it up on the roof. He was catching about 50% of the throws to him, which is fine by me.

Fun outside

He caught it!

The face of determination

Yes, it has pink on it.

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