Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little N

Today is Little N's 3rd birthday. Today's post will be a photo montage. Happy birthday, baby girl!

10 months old.

First birthday

15 months

Woodland park Zoo, Seattle

Family Vacation/Reunion

20 months

20 months

2nd birthday

Spring 2008

Last weekend at our home in Shoreline


Pumpkins... Momma, maybe if you weeded more they might grow...

Fall Rain

First snow, what a great birthday present!

Birthday party with friends in Seattle


Andrea said...

SHe is just adorable Mel! Love that first picture with the sunglasses!

Melany said...

I know! I love that one, too. She loves those glasses. Auntie Jenny borrowed them from Auntie Sarah and left them at our house. I keep trying to put them in my car to give back to my sister and Little N pulls them out of my purse or the car. She wears them every chance she gets. I think Sarah might be out of luck.

Stacie said...

she is adorable!