Friday, December 12, 2008

Sick on her birthday

Of all the days to get sick, poor little N woke up from her nap not feeling well. I happened to be downstairs and when I heard her come out of her room and cry, it wasn't her normal, "I'm cranky-tired-hungry-healthy" cry. It was a sad, sick cry and it got me running.

I picked her up and without a word she proceeded to pull in tight and cry. Her little stomach made some awful sounds. I ran her to the bathroom and the inevitable happened, which seemed to upset her as much as it surprised her. We brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth and I made a call to the boss that the day was done for me.

She's spent the remainder of the day on my lap or Pete's lap on the couch. She perked up a little for a bath and was pretty happy to get into her cozy footed jammies for the night.

Tomorrow is little N's 3rd birthday. Sadly, this means she will be sick on her actual birthday.

I am anticipating she will join us in bed this evening at some point.

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