Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Little N enjoys playing dress-up. Her newest version of playing dress-up involves multiple changes of clothes through out the night. She will come out in various states of dress, or undress, asking for help. Last night, she hit a snag. She found a pair of footed jammies Grandma had given her for next winter. She managed to get into the box of the next size up of clothes I had in the back of the closet.

During her third wardrobe change into the big jammies, she came out to ask for help as she had somehow managed to get the feet twisted around and behind her body. The the right foot of the jammies was facing up on her left foot. With the left foot of the jammies twisted and trailing dangerously behind her, she promptly shut the door on the empty foot and tried to run down the hall.

This did not go over well with little N.

She pulled and tugged and pulled some more, leaning her whole body forward trying to figure out what kept her from running down the hall. She then let the entire world know that this did not fit into her plans for the evening of staying awake.

I peaked down the hall to see what was causing her so much distress to see her arms reaching out as she tried to get away from that door. It took a while to calm her down, but she did finally go back to bed and managed to stay in bed for the night in the same jammies.

She still wanted to wear the big jammies this evening. I am hoping she might leave them on tonight, but I'm sure that will not be the case.

Little N modeling her big girl jammies.


Stacie said...

muahahaha....that is too cute

Andrea said...

She is too cute Mel!