Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little N's Mew hat

This project has taken a lot longer than it should have! I started this as a test knit in October. It was coming along nicely and then I tucked my daughter into bed, leaving the knitting in a bag on an end table.

I knew better.

I've lectured the kids 100 times and they knew better.

My husband didn't have to say I told you so.

I tempted the puppies and they have no will power.

I came out to find a pink spider web pulled across my living room, with one dog on either end of it. Even though there are two colors in the hat, the puppies thought that pink was the color for them. It had to be the pink, the one where I was really cutting it close if I had enough to finish the hat. Lucy had pieces of yarn around one paw and a piece sticking out of her mouth with her tail going 100 miles per hour. Max, well, max had what was left of the skein in his mouth with his tail going just as fast.

The puppies were willing to trade my project with a toy and Pete took them outside so I could pick up the living room. Pulling the yarn with the puppies inside... not a good idea.

I picked up the yarn and salvaged what I could from the original knitting. I had to pull out a few rows and luckily there was no damage to my needles. What was left of the ball of pink yarn, was a complete and utter loss.

My son and I stopped by the local yarn shop and found a skein of pink in the same dye lot, which meant I could finish the hat. However, I had to put the hat away. I just didn't want to deal with the knots.

Finally, my sad little hat, the one I promised to test out the pattern for, needed to get off my needles. I was able to get past the point where I had been prior to the puppy-tug-o-war event with what was left and started into the new skein.

Little N is very happy with her hat.

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